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Wow lots of intense stuff has happened.
Change in location, issues being sorted out... Wow. Not much I want to publicly elaborate on too much, but, things are on the up-and-up, I think.
Shale Getting Buttbanged

i don't get it

So this guy on FA called Pkay, who has a purple husky character, seems to hate my guts and I don't get why.
About a year ago when I was first getting started and stuff, I did a commission for him. I wasn't nearly as good at it as I am now, but he seemed happy with it and went on his way.

That's basically all I remember, he never said he had an issue with the picture.

For my 100th submission on FA, I created the purple husky character called 'Ransom.' People seemed to like him, so I kept him around.
Pkay started leaving weird two word comments and stuff and I just kind of ignored them because I had no idea and didn't want to get involved in any drama. He never initiated any person-to-person conversation so, whatever.

I'm wondering, does this guy have it in for me because I made a purple husky character?
Is that why he leaves these weird comments?

What's got the stick up my butt about it now is that he's even gone and left a comment on an artist's page who did art of Ransom for me. She drew fanart for me and this guy steps in with "I. Do not approve."
I don't fucking get it, what is this guy's problem? I ask 'Why?'
And he responds with 'You know better. (:' What does that even mean?

The only issue I can even fathom that this guy would have a bone to pick with me is:
a) he didn't like the art I did for him
In which case, why didn't he bring it up?
b) he doesn't like that I made a purple husky character
So what, I should be pissed off at everyone else who has a blue otter character? Ransom and Pkay are completely different -- I initially created Ransom as a kind of over-the-top joke, to make the 100th submission as flagrant as I could imagine.
Purple was the 'colour of gay,' the tattoo was a joke, and Ransom was never intended to reappear.

As it turns out Pkay seems convinced that the 100th submission was intended to be his commission, which it was not.

It turns out he didn't like the art I did for him.
In which case, why didn't he say something about the art? I would have changed it for him. As I remember, I took time on his picture -- I just sucked a lot back then. I had initially forgotten his picture. I was pretty new at the whole thing back then and ended up doing a lot of people art I had forgotten. I'm much better organised now.

This whole thing is just fucking stupid. I'll even do him an entirely new picture if he wants, to show him I never had a problem with him and this whole thing is just a misunderstanding.

Shale Over the Shoulder

Sunny Day

Today is a sunny day.
I am going to go to the woods with a sketchbook, and learn how to draw plants.

Nothing like using beauty as an opportunity to learn. :3
Otter In the Water


What is it today with people on busses and out on the street and shit who don't use headphones? What the fuck?
Is the concept of wearing personal headphones so as not to drive everyone around you batshit nuts with a godawful song about someone's 'humps' in awful tinny quality bowing too much to 'the Man' or something?

I know your trendy-cool cell phone plays MP3s and I am sure you enjoy that feature a lot. So, why don't you wear some headphones to make use of that? Headphones sound a fuck of a lot better to you, the listener, as the sound quality will be far better than that of your crapass cell speakers. I don't particularly want to hear your music. Your music sucks, especially if you live around where I do, in which case you listen to awful chav rap.

I'm crotchety and old.
Shale Getting Buttbanged


Little ripples in the tub
Sponges put aside to scrub
Delightful splashes everywhere
On forehead, cheeks and even hair
Bubbles bounce in coloured light
Oh, what a time we've had tonight

ConFuzzled 2009

So I found out about a con hosted in Manchester.
I found out about it today. I LIVE in Manchester.
And of course it's sold out and I can't go.


Every goddamn time I try to get to a con. Every time. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
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So guess who tried to contact me to ask me for a commission today
Yeah Allan did.

Should I take his money? Y/N
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it´s been a crazy time

it´s more or less been a pretty crazy time here in Tenerife and as always I have no time to express what I want to express, having taken ten minutes to remember my bleeding password I´m somewhat left in a catatonic, zombie-esque state whilst I fight tooth and nail against the Spanish keyboard to type up something coherent.
Man these keyboards are weird.
I´m going to ask a question, but upside down¿

So anyways. We´ve got tickets to go to Aqualand and see some dolphin shows and things, that will be pretty fun. The pool at our complex would make a polar bear cry for its mama, so I don´t get to swim as much as I´d like. I can´t stay in for very long!

I´ve more or less been in some kind of a funk because of all the craziness. I´ve managed to get some work done, but it´s really thanks to this craptacular folding chair I have to sit on that I don´t feel as if I want to sit down for long periods of time to get my shit done but whatever we´re heading back to Middleton where I will bury myself in ignoring the chavs so it´ll be alright.

Once I get my papers I can go wherever I please. Won´t that be nice!
Telefonica is about the worst company ever. After waiting a week for them to call back in regards to hooking up our services they called back with a guy who spoke no English who mumbled ´No possible´ and hung up. The line in the apartment is live and it´s clear that others in the complex have service, so, they´re a bunch of fuckups or they´re fobbing us off because we speak English. Either or.

Well, I´m still sneezing in the apartment, we think there is mould in the inaccessible compartments behind the sink cabinet. There was a flood in the apartment a while back and it was cleaned thoroughly, but you never can be sure, and judging by the fact that I´m wandering around looking like I´ve got two black eyes and snotting all over the place, I´m willing to bet it´s mould.
God damn my hypersensitive constitution.

So in case you hadn´t guessed I´m more or less eating time here because we got what we needed done here. Also I´ve said more or less like eight times in this entry and it´s driving me mad.

Well, uh